International Orders

Hi everyone! We want to make our fabric available to everyone! As you might have read we stopped using USPS for shipping because of their unreliability and packages getting lost. When we switched to FedEx One Rate, we found out they don’t offer a flat rate for international shipping like the USPS did. FedEx calculates international shipping by weight and box size. We do not use weight when calculating shipping because one pound of cotton woven will not take up the same amount of space in a box as one pound of squish. 

Because of all of this, we now take international orders the following way. You email your order to  

For pre-orders, we will then send you a PayPal invoice for the fabric and/ or hardware you ordered. This will NOT include shipping. Once the fabric and/ or hardware arrives, I will fit it in a proper fitting box, weight it and get an exact shipping amount. I will then send you an email letting you know your fabric has arrived and the shipping amount I will be sending you a PayPal invoice for. Once the shipping invoice is paid, I will ship your fabric and/ or hardware. NOT BEFORE! You have one week to pay your invoice for shipping or the fabric and/ or hardware you ordered will be restocked for retail and you will be charged a 10% restocking fee and banned from purchasing from us in the future. 

For retail since we have the items on hand, we will be able to send you one PayPal invoice for your items and shipping. 

Your original ordering email must include

  • Your name and shipping address
  • Your order
  • The email address you want me to send your PayPal invoice to. 

Because international shipping is expensive, I will make an exception for combining hardware and fabric. Please note this may cause a delay in shipping times because I get my fabric and hardware from two separate vendors.