Star Wars Yellow Inspired Dice Bag

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This is a padded drawstring dice bag made of high quality cotton featuring a Star Wars Inspired theme on the outside with yellow pockets on the inside.

There are no exposed seams and the bag closes with a black drawstring locking cord. This bag is padded so it can stand on its own but can be folded flat if it needs to be stored. You can easily see your dice inside when opened. This bag has 4 large pockets. You can easily store dice, mini’s and cards in this bag. When the bag is closed, it securely closes which prevents anything from falling out. In addition to dice and card bags, These bags can be used for a wide variety of things including make-up, medicine and many other things. This bag makes a great gift for any nerd at heart.

Bag Measurements: The bottom of the bag measures 6 inches wide. From the bottom to the top of the bag measures 6 inches. The pockets are 4 inches tall. Belt loop/ handle is 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

Care instructions: Do not machine wash this bag. Hand wash only.

All of the items are handmade and made in my home studio in Ohio, USA in a pet free and smoke free environment.

Thank you for buying handmade!

This is an inspired item. I am not affiliated with Star Wars.

*Due to high shipping cost I only ship within the United States.