Hi everyone! I have created this page to help answer some common questions you might have. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with yourself with our terms, policies and procedures. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Happy sewing everyone!
Our email is support@nerdartistry.com. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.
Cut and Sew
In order to have access to any cut and sew products, you must email your proof of pattern purchase to support@nerdatistry.com. You must also have an account set up on the website.
Disclaimer: All cut and sew products are made from copyrighted pattern pieces. These pattern designers encourage you to sell what you make using their patterns. However, you may not sell any cut and sew products as is. Meaning you can not buy a cut and sew product from us and sell it unsewn in it's original format in any destash groups or any ecommerce platforms such as but not limited to Etsy or ebay.
Please allow 3 to 7 business days for packing and shipping. This doesn't include weekends or holidays. There is no continuous cuts in retail. All fabric has been pre-cut in 1 yard increments and all faux leather and vinyl has been pre-cut in half yard rolls. 
We only have 4 pre-orders a year. The turn around time for pre-order is 6 to 10 weeks from round closings date. All designs and cut and sews get vaulted after each pre-order. Our Patreon Seamstresses and above have access to all of the current year Nerdartistry Original Designs. 
Nerdartistry Original Designs
Any designs on our website that have "Nerdartistry Original" in the framed image are designs owned by Nerdartistry. This is art we have created ourselves or have paid an artist to create for us. All of these designs have had an artistic copyright filed. You will not find these designs in any other shop.
There are no cancelations for retail or pre-order orders. Please make sure you review your cart before you place your order. If you place a pre-order and would like to exchange it for another design of equal or greater value, it must be done before the order is sent to the printer. We can not change or edit any orders once it has been sent to the printer.
I do my best to catch all flaws in our products before they are sent to you. However, some do get by us. Flaws in the fabric DO NOT include 1 1/2" of salvage on both sides of the fabric or color shifts in some bases. Colors in faux leather, vinyl and waterproof canvas will be darker than our other bases. If you order a design in faux leather and cotton woven, there will be a slight color difference. This has to do with dye saturation in the printing process. Slight spotting or white stripes may occur in the salvage of the fabric. This spotting and stripes do not occur often but it is a possibility. 
If you feel that you have received a damaged product from us that is not listed in the flaws mentioned above, please email is at support@nerdartistry.com 3 days after the date of package delivery. Please include pictures of the damage and a detailed description of the damage. Please also include your order number. We will review the pictures and description of the damage. If the damages are not flaws listed above, we will have you send the damaged items to us. We will refund your returned shipping and cost of the damaged product if the items is unwashed and the damages are ones matching the photo and description in your email. We will not refund any products that have been washed or the damages don't match the photos and description in an email.
Buying Our Products In Destashes or Other E-Commerce Websites
Nerdartistry is not responsible for our products you buy second hand from another person. If you are buying our products from a second hand person, you are buying at your own risk. Unfortunately, we have received complaints from people in the past who have bought Nerdartistry fabric from destashes and other e-commerce websites such as Ebay and Etsy saying that it came damaged. If this happens to you please file a claim with the platform you bought it from. 
Continuous Yardage
Continuous yardage isn't available in retail. All retail fabric and faux/ leather is pre-cut for faster shipping and processing time. No faux leather or vinyl can be a continuous cut in retail or pre-order. and vinyl and faux leather comes pre-cut in half yards from our supplier. All fabric except faux leather and vinyl is a continuous cut in pre-order.