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The Morgana Dice Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

The Morgana Dice Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

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Hi everyone! I’d like to take you on another really fun sewing adventure! I would like to introduce the Morgana Dice Bag pattern. Seven years ago, my husband found some really cool fabric he wanted me to make him a dice bag out of but all of the patterns out there were the circle ones. Since the fabric he picked was directional fabric, a circle bag wouldn’t have worked because one side of the bag would have been upside down. He told me what size he wanted along with any other features. This bag quickly became a hit at shows. The original version didn’t have the strap on the back. The strap came later on when a lady wanted to buy one at the show for her son to put his toy cars in it and she wanted it to be able to clip on and off a bag. This bag isn’t limited to dice bags. I’ve had people buy it for traveling, medical, makeup and jewelry bags. I even had rock climbers buy it for chalk bags. This bag has endless uses. If you flip to the inspiration section of this pattern, it will show you all of the creative ways to use this bag.

This bag is 9” high by 4 ½” wide. It has a strap on the back. The interior has 4 pockets. This bag has a drop-in liner.

This is a beginner pattern and can be completed on a domestic sewing machine.

This pattern comes with several color step photos.

There is a complete step by step how to video on the Nerdartistry Patreon.

This is a free pattern for our Patreon Nerdartistry Sewing Circle Members and above.


1.1/3 yard exterior fabric

2.1/3 yard lining fabric

3.1/3 yard woven interfacing (SF101 or a stiff woven interfacing. I use Profuse from Wawak)

4.1/3 yard fusible fleece

5.36” of paracord

6.1 Kam Snap or metal snap or magnetic snap

7.2 charms (I use zipper pulls and cut off the zipper part)

8.1 double-holed cord stop

9.A lighter to burn the ends of the paracord

10.An iron to fuse the interfacing and fleece

11.A ruler

12.Scissors, rotary cutter

13.Sewing thread

14.Fabric marking pens

15.A safety pin

16.Sewing pins and clips

17.Double Sided Tape

Some of the things my testers used for charms: shrink plastic, beads, and jewelry findings.


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